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I am Corrien Maas and it may have become clear that weaving has always been my passion, but after having been a professional weaver for a number of years I have now decided to return to weaving as a hobby. This means I will be looking for beautiful and special patterns and motives from now on and I may start weaving things like shawls again but purely as a hobby.

Examples of shawls


Examples of radio's

Examples of cars

After my weaving training in Ghent, Belgium I started weaving speaker cloth for antique radios as well as upholstery for classic cars. When I became more widely known in the profession I received more and more qenquiries from all over the world, wich added a special quality to the fabrics that were used as well as to the weaving itself. People are still invited to contact me when they are looking for such fabrics and I will help them if possible.

Click here for my collection of radio fabrics.

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If you are looking for a particular fabric or have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Corrien Maas
Hogestraat 25
6624BA Heerewaarden (Holland)



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